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Patient Access to Cancer care Excellence

A Global Vision

Faster steps forward: towards cures for cancer and access to best treatment and care for individual patients.

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PACE Cancer Perception Index

We surveyed thousands of people in six countries to find out what they think about cancer treatment and care, the healthcare system, and patient involvement.

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Our Policy Network

The PACE Policy Network is made up of advocates, patients, scientists, and industry professionals, and is led by our Global Council. Its goal is to serve as a catalyst for cross-sector discussion and collaboration, and to improve public policies that determine the accessibility, speed, and value of progress against cancer.

While cancer is better understood today than ever before, there is much progress to make. PACE collaborates with patients, advocates, researchers, and our Global Council of oncology policy experts to encourage decisions that speed the development of new medicines and improve outcomes for cancer patients. We believe that through science, education, advocacy, and collaboration, we can build momentum that leads to real cures and new treatments for cancer, today... and tomorrow.

Our Plan for Action

PACE is committed to encouraging public policies and health care decisions that speed the development of new medicines, assure cancer treatments respond to the needs and qualities of individual patients, and improve patient access to the most effective cancer medicines. Here's our plan for moving forward.

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The Cancer Policy Environment

Barriers to Faster Oncology Innovation, and Strategies for Moving Forward

As a society, we still face many difficult barriers in the fight against cancer. This discussion paper is meant to provide a rough map of the cancer policy terrain and to encourage readers to focus on common challenges regardless of geography, culture, or profession.

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ISPOR 18th Annual European Congress

The 18th annual European Congress hosted by the International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research will highlight how health outcomes research can impact decision making on health technology and policy.

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Working With Patient Advocacy

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PACE believes that patients should be at the heart of all decisions affecting their treatment and care. While many can advocate for change, for better cancer care, it is really the patient 'voice' that has the most credibility and should have the greatest strength. In this respect, PACE is doing what it can to work with patient advocacy to understand their needs and the needs of those they represent; to find new ways of partnership working that enable the patient perspective to come to the fore.

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Press Announcements

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PACE Commentary

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