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Patient Access to Cancer care Excellence

A Global Vision

Faster steps forward: towards cures for cancer and access to best treatment and care for individual patients.

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PACE believes that patients should be at the heart of all decisions affecting their treatment and care. While many can advocate for change, for better cancer care, the patient voice is indispensable and must be heard. In this respect, PACE is doing what it can to work with patient advocacy to understand their needs and the needs of those they represent; to find new ways of partnership that enable the patient perspective to come to the fore.

Our aim is to establish PACE as a valued partner with the oncology advocacy community; forging relationships built on mutual respect and transparency. We want to work with our advocacy colleagues to discuss the direction of travel of cancer care, ensuring the best possible standard and access to care that is possible.


eMEET (Medicine Evaluation Educational Training) is an online interactive training program designed to help patient advocates navigate through the complex world of medicine development, evaluation and assessment.


The program was created in collaboration with internationally renowned experts in the field of patient involvement, health technology assessment (HTA) and web training and aims to help patient advocates to better share their experience and influence decisions related to access of new medicines. eMEET uses a variety of tools such as video presentations, animations and exercises to show how patient experience can be integrated into HTA process ensuring it successfully highlights patient issues, informs decision-making and is aligned with scientific evidence.


"It's absolutely crucial that patient advocates understand the medicines development and HTA processes." —Kathy Oliver, Co-Director of the International Brain Tumour Alliance
"Evidence from patients can help us understand the challenges associated with current therapies and what they would want from new treatments." —Dr. Karen Facey, HTAi Interest Group for Patient/Citizen Involvement in HTA
"A great opportunity to talk to specialists and really understand the medicine evaluation process." —Participant in MEET workshop
"The practical advice was invaluable in helping us understand how best to get involved in Health Technology Assessment and represent our patients' views." —Participant in MEET workshop
"It transformed the way I think about medicine development and my approach to it." —Participant in MEET workshop
"M.E.E.T provides a great opportunity for networking. It's informative, practical, and fun." —Participant in MEET workshop

For further information on PACE support for patient advocacy, please click here.